13 Methods to Safely Bypass Garage Door Sensors?

A functioning sensor for your garage door sensor is essential to safeguard your family. If it is not functioning, all family members are vulnerable to an unfortunate event. In certain situations, it could become stuck in the middle, or stop functioning. In this case, you have to get rid of doors that are controlled by sensors and ask for services from Garage Door Motor Repair In Mississauga.
You'll require a few tools to open your garage. They include:
  • A microfiber cloth
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Hammers
  • Assistance

13 Strategies to successfully get around Garage Door Sensors

You can, on your own or with the help of someone else, fool the sensor of your garage door. It is nevertheless important to take security measures.

Cleanse the Sensors

Before you decide to take out the garage door sensors completely Clean them thoroughly with a microfiber towel. Even dust particles could result in garage door sensors that aren't functioning correctly.
In addition, it's better to clean the area. Make sure that there isn't any obstruction that could block the path. Verify that your garage door's sensor is working to shut and open it.

Sun Block

Although it sounds odd however it's possible that the sun could interfere with the function that the sensors perform. There is a way to identify the issue. Stand between the sun as well as the detector. Close the garage door.
If that's the case, go through the steps again to eliminate this garage door's sensors until an expert resolves the problem.


Misalignments and wiring issues are common since the door is in close proximity to the surroundings. Sensors for your garage may have damaged wiring because of rodents insects, and other animals. The sensors are chewed by animals and causing them to fail.

Reset To Initial Settings

Resetting the settings back to the default settings is one solution to fix garage door sensors. If the sensor's malfunctions are the cause, the issue will be resolved.

Let These Sensors Work Together

Turn off the power prior to making this move to prevent electrocution. After that, you must employ the electric wire-cutting device and then disconnect the power source. Then, you need to seal the edges of your wires using electrical tape.
Then then, gently bend the sensor on both sides until the eyes are facing one another, and then apply tape.

Sensor Rewiring

You can deactivate sensors for garage doors by wiring them to the new connector. Garage Door Repair Mississauga provides you all kinds of services. The first step is to reach the door's opener. You will be able to recognize the wires by their colored blocks, and on the blocks, you can see where the holes are.
There are three colors. The 3 colors: are red, white, and gray or black. The red left side and the white to the leftmost portion are of no value, and you are free to disregard these colors. Make the connections to the next white hole and then the black/gray one.
You'll need to wire the sensors' wires straight to your garage door opener. For this, you'll require an elevated ladder to view the wires for the door opener.
Garage door openers need to be equipped with four holes that permit wire connections. The holes are identified by the colors of the blocks which host them. From the left side to the right they will have colored red white, white, and gray or black.

Secure the sensors and safe

After connecting the wires, they will hang over the ceiling. This can be risky. The sensor can be placed on top of the door opener. A space of a three to six" sensor is necessary. So the wires stay in place and you'll have an ongoing garage door sensor bypass.

Complete the process by hand

The chain should be removed from the ceiling of the motor should there be no movement. This will allow the garage to operate without "motor-based" operation then change it to manual and disable the sensors that are on your garage door.


Get rid of Sensors

Take off the wingnuts holding the sensors. Cut the wires that surround them. After that, gently lift your device from the pole that is holding it.
This is the best way to get rid of your garage door's sensor entirely in the event that there is no other method that can work.

Sensor Replacement

It's a major hassle, but when you work with an expert, it's possible to get rid of the problem in a permanent and complete manner.
Unlock the doors physically
You can try pulling on the chain and then opening the door on your own. However, you need to be cautious. Be sure to stop when you feel the door is too heavy.

Conduct Diagnostic Tests

The garage doors which are automated contain sensors controlled by a computer. Conduct a diagnostic test to identify the root of the problem.
Press and hold for a few seconds to Garage Door Button
It's an interim fix should you wish to turn off security sensors located in the doorway into your garage press and hold until you can connect to the garage's wall. Doors start sliding down. Release the button when the door is completely closed.

Last Words

It is recommended that you do not attempt to bypass the garage door. Instead, seek expert assistance to solve the issue.