How Do I Set Multiple Locks To The Same Key

Traditional keyed door locks are still among the most widely used security features for residences and businesses today. Many owners of homes and businesses find keys to be a hassle despite the fact that these locks are inexpensive, easy to install, and effective. Break in Lock Repairs Toronto's team provides high-quality lock and lock installation services. Key management can take a lot of time, especially for buildings with numerous entry points. Lost keys, stolen sets, changing locks, making copies, and keeping track of copies given to other residents or employees are all aggravating challenges. To make things simpler, some property owners have resorted to using a single key for a variety of locks.
Today, we have a lot more efficient options thanks to technology. Learn how smart locks, access control systems, and master key systems can simplify security.

Does A Single Key Work For All Locks

No single skeleton key is compatible with every lock. Warding, groove depth and key size vary from one product to the next. When a set of locks is specifically designed, a master key can be made to open every lock in the set, and it will do so. Only that particular lock can be opened with a key that is not a master key, but a master key can open any lock as if they were all keyed the same.

How To Buy Keyed Identical Locks

To open multiple door locks with a single key, you must decide how to get keyed like locks. The main trade-offs will involve the price, the difficulty of the procedure, and the equipment required. This information should also assist you in deciding whether to work with an experienced home locksmith on this project.

Purchasing Of Key

Frequently purchasing brand-new locks is the more pricey option for getting keyed alike locks. The costs come from the cost of the new lock hardware and the service charge for changing locks. But you can save money by changing the locks through Locksmith Toronto. Furthermore, installing a lock is probably less complicated than rekeying it entirely.
When you purchase new locks, you can take precautions to guarantee that the locks are keyed alike. A keyed-alike option should be available online from vendors, but you'll have to purchase each lock at once. The key codes for the locks should be clearly visible on the packaging if you buy them from Home Depot or another big box retailer.
The key code refers to the depths of the grooves on the key. If two products have the same key, they are said to be keyed alike. To open multiple door locks with a single key, you will need to consult the documentation that contains this code if you did not purchase all of the products at once. If you can't find another keyed alike lock with the same code, you can still rekey your locks.

Key Takeaways:

The main costs are for installation and new locks.
Installing a new lock is simpler than rekeying an existing lock.
New locks are delivered keyed alike if they are of the same brand and have the same key code.

Key Rekeying:

Without installing new locks, keyed alike door locks can be obtained through the rekeying process. Rekeying entails replacing the lock's internal components that correspond to an existing key. The majority of locks use a pin tumbler system, which requires raising the pin stacks to a specific height in order to unlock the lock. If you alter the key, you can open several locks.
You can keep your current locks, which is the main advantage of rekeying locks over replacement locks. It is also less expensive than purchasing and installing new locks. The disadvantage is that it is difficult to rekey locks on your own due to technical requirements.

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Rekeying is the process of replacing a lock's internal parts that match a specific key.
  2. You don't have to buy a new lock; you can switch the key that opens your current lock; locks with the same internal parts can be opened with the same key.

The Key Master System

These kinds of key management systems are nothing new. Master key systems have been in use for some time. They enable building owners to manage a facility more effectively by using fewer conventional keys. A master key system essentially makes it possible for one key to open multiple locks. The same lock can be opened simultaneously by multiple keys.